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Nutrition & Wellness

The key to healthy living is learning to listen to your body again and trust your instincts about food.

Sports Nutrition

With an individually tailored eating plan, you’ll have the strength to reach your training goals. 

Motivational Speaking

Book me for talks on nutrition and wellness. Each talk is tailored to your audience and the event.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. - Jim Rohn

Recent Articles

Are Juicing Diets Healthy

One of the diets that has endured, and continues to be punted by celebrities, is juicing. But there are arguments that with the fibre removed from the fruits and vegetables...

Are vegan diets safe for children?

Are vegan diets safe?

People have different motivations for being vegan and raising their children the same way.

Whatever the rationale, ultimately you want your child to be healthy.

What foods can we eat to prevent cancer?

What foods can we eat to prevent cancer?

"What we eat is especially relevant. Today’s diet of refined foods laced with chemicals and devoid of nutrients is now thought to be the greatest single contributor to cancer risk," says Holford.

Hangover Cures

While not condoning excessive drinking, Moneybags’ Jessica Wood looks at five hangover cures you can try if you over indulge over the festive season.

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Eat your Way to Better Health with Foods Fermented in Glass

Probiotics - good bacteria that live in your gut - are widely acknowledged for their ability to improve immunity and according to clinical nutritionist Desi Horsman, are the key to a healthy gut and a happy brain. Adding to this she says they have also been shown to encourage weight loss, reduce anxiety, and help with a wide variety of other conditions and illnesses. "While research is still emerging on just how important these mighty microbes might be for our health, initial studies show great promise. The good news is that naturally fermented foods are a great source of supportive probiotics and can effortlessly be made at home - from sauerkraut and miso, to pickled cucumbers, beetroot, and Kimchi."

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Consol Glass Press Release

in conjuction with Desi Horsman

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